Sermons By Bishop Gobanga

The Cross Of Jesus In The Context Of Eternal Reality: Part 3 | Sermon By Bishop Gobanga


Be someone who talks less and listens more in this new decade. Listen with your heart. Allow your heart to palpitate on truth. It’s very important in this decade that we talk less and listen more. There is always a new move [of God] with the start of every decade.

When God speaks to us, He speaks to us His wisdom. 

God always reveals Himself in new and surprising ways when we fellowship with Him intimately. God is the business of revealing Himself in new ways. He is a God of movement. He is not static. 

Everything that is old is being challenged by what’s new. There is a stream of new revelation flowing from the throne of God. In light of the new epoch, whatever is of the past will not suffice. We must trust God to teach us how to pray in light of the season. 

Blueprints are usually cogitated in the mind but foundations are established in the heart. 

If we are going to become relevant to ourselves and to the generation that we are in, we must seek God for a fresh infilling and understanding. 

The relationship that you have with Christ is experiential. Christ reveals Himself differently in every season. What people need today is to be introduced to Christ in a new way. It is dangerous to camp around the old moves of God and forget that there is a new move of God. 

When the gospel is ministered through the Spirit and demonstration of power, non-believers will believe and trust in the power and Spirit of God.

Every new thing must be balanced with Scripture and the Spirit of God. 

Christ did not want the revelation of the invisible God to remain restricted to the nation of Israel. The kingdom of God was meant for all of the earth. Nations represent different fraternities of the human race. The mandate of the revelation of God was not meant to be limited to a single nation. The nation of Israel missed out on this and missed out on the Spirit of the move of God. 

When the Bible talks about the new man, it refers to the man that has been renewed in Christ.  

The danger of limiting the gospel to a single individual is that individuals tend to fade away. It’s dangerous to encamp around personalities. The relevance of the revelation of God begins to fade away when it’s limited to one individual. 

Pride will make you miss out on the move of God.

The gospel has always been controversial since eternity because everything that is not of God will never work. 

The nation of Israel is not the focus of the future. Christ is the focus. Jesus is not limited and He was never ordained to be limited to a nation. Christ has always been the focus since the days of Old Testament.

In the days of Jesus, people used to be crucified e.g. on the day of Jesus’ crucification, He was crucified along with two thieves. But there is only one cross that matters – the cross of Jesus.

The cross of Jesus is scandalous from a human perspective. It contradicts the foolishness of the spirit of the law where we work through human effort for our salvation.

The truth of God is revealed to us through God’s perspective and not through ours. It’s dangerous to perpetuate the truth from our perspective instead of Christ’s. The perspective of Christ is the perspective of the cross.

The principle of the cross is the principle of love that exists in the Godhead. Loving others as you love yourself. This is how God the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit love one another. 

The message of the cross is that no one individual is greater than all of us put together. To try and approach the Father as an individual is death. You must do it as part of the body [of Christ]. The realm of the unapproachable light can only be approached if you are in the body, together with the past, present and future redeemed mankind.

At the mount of transfiguration, Moses represented the Old Testament saints and the law while Elijah represented all the prophets (past, present and future) as well as those who will be alive at the second coming.

As you engage with the source of life, God is promising to build something new in you that is more organic and relational. God has given you the power to affect your reality. It will only be effectual if you approach it from the perspective of truth. 

God does not have a problem answering our prayers. The question is whether you have been able to decipher how He has answered each prayer.

The truth of God makes you understand that you can do all things in Christ. The question is do you understand the power that God has given you?

If you embrace deception continuously, you’ll always get the same results you’ve always gotten. 

And he shall send Jesus Christ, which before was preached unto you: Whom the heaven must receive until the times of restitution of all things, which God hath spoken by the mouth of all his holy prophets since the world began.

Acts 3:20-21 KJV

God is looking to restore everything back to His original blueprint. As sons who are co-heirs in His kingdom, we have a part to play in the restoration. We must upgrade our capacity to see beyond the natural for this to happen. If we continue to see things the way we’ve always looked at them, we will believe they have no potential to change.

Change will never manifest unless there is chaos. The first move of God was during chaos. 

In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth. And the earth was without form, and void; and darkness was upon the face of the deep. And the Spirit of God moved upon the face of the waters.

Genesis 1:1-2 KJV

Restoration to God’s original plan and design will be impossible for us when we allow certain limitations within our minds. Faith is based on the promises of God not on what we see.We must come out of the restrictions we are operating in within our minds.

We are not going to build an embassy of heaven on earth using material things – that’s religion. The Tower of Babel was as a result of a mindset in Nimrod’s mind. The Tower of Babel was a type of a portal on earth to heaven. Religion builds a way of seeking Christ through pride and rebellion. 

We have the ability to create organically using quantum realities. God wants us to go beyond and call things to existence. This can only happen when you allow the truth of the word of God to fill the receptacle and depths of your mind. 

Greatness comes from what you’ve seen beyond yourself.

Church life is not a matter of doctrine but Christ and Him crucified. You must take Christ as your life. 

Unity in the body is only possible when every individual is united with Christ at a personal level. The more we live by ourselves and walk by ourselves, the more sectarian we become. 

A person who is able to forgive is a person who has encountered the cross. We also need to appreciate where each member of the body of Christ is at in maturity and embrace them at that level even as we trust and partner with the Holy Spirit as required for their development and growth.

The spirit of denomination is human effort.  

If we deny ourselves and live by Christ i.e denying the old man and putting on Christ, then Christ becomes our life. Until Christ rules over your heart, you’ll never be united with anybody. The oneness of the church is Christ being experienced by us.

The Spirit of God in you will demolish the wall of division that exists in your mind. When we emphasize on our own teachings individually, we will be divided. But, when we lay down all that we know and choose to know only Christ and Him crucified in ourselves and in each other, then we will be united.

It’s important that you employ the cross of Jesus Christ in your life each and every day. If you are not part of the body of Christ, you’ll die spiritually. The more you live in Christ, the more you desire to be part of the body. The more you live outside of Christ, the more you desire to be individualistic. We are not called to be self-sufficient but to be Christ-sufficient. 

The Bible is the finished work of God the Father. What He did in and through Christ, you must read and interpret the Bible through the cross. Any other interpretation will miss out on Christ. 

The cross embodies the purpose of God. It is a complete work. It is only by the cross that Jesus defeated sin, death  and the devil.

You can never separate the cross from the identity and totality of Christ. Christ is a nature, expression, position and a grace. Jesus is a name meaning salvation. Christ means the eternal purpose of God

The message of the gospel is the message of the cross of Christ. 

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