Heights Of Heaven By Bishop Gobanga

Meditations & Musings

The heights of heaven are lower in the spirit than what we think. The depths of Christ are vested higher than we envision. Christ Jesus was exalted by His Father because He decided to descend to the lowest level of existence.

That’s why He who descended is the same One who ascended. Ascension is not about going up in the physical. What happened on the Mount of Olives was just a manifestation of ascension to help the apostles.

Humility means that you go “higher” in the renewal of your mind such that you experience the “heights” of Christ. Going “higher” implies that you descend into the lowest level in order to set up a foundation of heaven in your life. The platform of your lowest foundation becomes the pivotal point of divine convocations with God. Your mind in its renewed state has the ability to carry you beyond your wildest dreams and desires.

Foundations are created in the “higher” zones of created reality. Your spirit man is located within the “lower” realms of your heart. The spirit man is located within the dimension of eternity that God ordained in your heart. The lowest realm of your heart is the posture of humility that causes you to build your capacity till such a time when you have grown in your capacity to handle the hidden secrets of God that He ordained in Christ Jesus through the Holy Ghost who leads us.

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